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Wooden Products Connecting Japan and the rest of the world by supplying wooden products to provide comfortable lifestyles

In line with the changes of the times, the requirements for buildings have become increasingly diversified, in terms of such aspects as functionality, durability, and environmental performance. To promptly respond to such needs, SMBKZ procures and stably provides reliable wooden products, including plywood, fiberboard, lumber, laminated lumber, and logs, in Japan and overseas. In the plywood sector, we deliver a variety of products, including base materials requested by distributers and building materials manufacturers. In the area of fiberboards, we have established a meticulous inventory management system while monitoring and grasping consumption trends of kitchen manufacturers and other customers. In the lumber and laminated lumber industries, we handle products to meet enormous demand from leading house builders and major building materials manufacturers.

Strengths of SMBKZ wooden products

  1. Discovering and securing reliable wooden materials around the world

    As well as taking effecive use of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and Sumitomo Corporation and Marubeni Corporation's global network, SMBKZ cooperate with overseas satelite offices to identify and secure wooden materials from all over the world to continually expand the range of products.

  2. Assigning professionals for each product

    SMBKZ has a specialized knowledge about the use, materials and character of each products, and assigns professionals with extensive trading experience appointed in major business area, in order to meet local needs as quickly as possible.

  3. Actively handling environmentally friendly products

    SMBKZ is committed to environmentally friendly products in areas such as industrial materials.

Benefits of SMBKZ wooden products

Stable supplies based on direct stock management

SMBKZ's mission is to maintain stable supplies. Through precise stock management at major business area nationwide and through its delivery network, SMBKZ provides materials in the required volume whenever they are needed, and meets the wood material needs of all of its customers, from distributors to home builders.

Joint product development with a leading overseas supplier

SMBKZ continues to create new adding value and make effective use of recyclable resources. A prime example is the joint development of Finger Jointed laminated wood products with a leading supplier from Vietnam, using rubber wood gum trees whose resin provides natural latex.

Joint Product Development with Japanese Manufacturers

We are jointly developing our own brand of products with Japanese manufacturers and selling them in Japan. Aspen structural plywood is produced from a combination of domestic cedar and imported aspen wood and is certified by FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®).
The Pure-Cloth is a plywood underlayment made of 100% domestic cypress onto which a wallpaper is applied. Both products are produced using proprietary material sources and have received high praise from the market for their quality and stable supply.

Example of products


Amid recent calls for the use of Japanese wood, we engage in the sale of Japanese logs.
We also procure logs from overseas and supply them to the consumer market after confirming their legality.
These logs are processed into such products as plywood, lumber, and fiberboard, and are further processed into wooden building materials, including floors and doors. Logs are the basic material of all wooden products.


Plywood is a wooden board made with dried veneer.
The material is peeled from logs and then pasted together, with adjacent material having their wood grain rotated relative to the adjacent layers at a 90-degree angle. It is widely used to make backings for roofs, walls, and floors in houses. Its uses also include concrete panel and secondary fabrication for wooden materials.
The first plywood from Japan was produced more than a hundred years ago. Since then, it has been an essential product for living environments.
We have cultivated a relationship of trust with major plywood manufacturers in Japan and overseas over many years, and by leveraging those strong connections, we are determined to establish a stable supply of plywood to the Japanese market.


We sell both imported and domestically produced lumber, as well as glue laminated timber.
Wooden houses still account for more than 50% of houses in Japan. Furthermore, living environments surrounded by wood, which suit the Japanese culture and climate, are very popular. And of course, the most important part of wooden houses is the lumber that is used for the building frames, such as ground sills, posts, and beams. This is together with common lumber (hagarazai), which supports the building frame.

Fiberboard and particle board

A fiberboard is a wooden board that is made through the disaggregation of wood into fiber. Then apply pressure on the fiber to form a board. Depending of the specific gravity, the boards can be classified into high-density fiberboards (hardboard), medium-density fiberboards (MDF), and low-density fiberboards (insulation board). A particle board is a wooden board that is made by crushing wood into chips. The pressure then forms the chip into a board. This kind of board is used in buildings, furniture, and woodwork. Its uses also extend to building materials and components.
We continue to handle particleboards and MDF from leading manufacturers in Japan and overseas.

Inquire about SMB Kenzai Co., Ltd. from here

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